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Prof. Tomasz Neumann

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TransNav, Faculty of Navigation
Gdynia Maritime University
3, John Paul II Avenue
81-345 Gdynia, POLAND
Study on Integration of VTS Simulator into Net System of Ship-handling Simulators
1 Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, China
2 Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration, Shanghai, China
ABSTRACT: VTS Simulator Training has been a part of VTS operator training program according to IMO/IALA documents. It is a developing direction of VTS simulator to offering a more real-like simulative training as in actual practices. This paper proposed an approach to integrate VTS simulator with Internet system of multiple ship-handling simulators. Utilizing Agent/MAS technology, VTS simulators will play the role of VTS in participating in the interactive simulated training based on Internet. It facilitates a real environment in the VTS training and thus entails better effects.
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Citation note:
Zhang Y., Ma J., Shi C.J., Hu Q.: Study on Integration of VTS Simulator into Net System of Ship-handling Simulators. TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, Vol. 1, No. 4, pp. 381-385, 2007

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