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Prof. Tomasz Neumann

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TransNav, Faculty of Navigation
Gdynia Maritime University
3, John Paul II Avenue
81-345 Gdynia, POLAND
Research on Maritime Education and Training in China: A Broader Perspective
1 Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai, China
ABSTRACT: China?s Maritime Education and Training (MET) has been providing numerous talents for its shipping industry in the past decades. However, the traditional Chinese MET emphasized more on crew training but ignored shipping services? fields. This paper firstly redefines the concept of MET from a broader perspective, then outlines the current status quo of MET in China from the new broader angle, consequently analyzes the main problems of Chinese MET, and finally proposes suggestions for regarding governments, institutions, as well as shipping companies, aiming to offer valuable ideas during the process of decision-making.
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Citation note:
Dong W.H.: Research on Maritime Education and Training in China: A Broader Perspective. TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, Vol. 8, No. 1, doi:10.12716/1001.08.01.13, pp. 115-120, 2014

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