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Nautical Access Study Based On Real Time Bird’s Eye View Simulations
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ABSTRACT: Real time ship manoeuvring simulations are a valuable source of information in the detailed design phase of nautical studies. The feedback of pilots, which is not available for fast time simulations that are carried out by a computerized autopilot, is an important asset in the evaluation of the feasibility of ship manoeuvres. However, real time simulations are significantly more expensive in that realistic 3D visuals are needed so that the pilot can immerse himself in a sailing environment. Modelling and generating such 3D views is time consuming and requires expensive hardware and special skills. Real time simulations that offer only a 2D bird’s eye view for the execution of manoeuvres by pilots, can sometimes be used as a cheaper and faster alternative. This paper presents a case study that evaluates the nautical access to two harbours and discusses some of the advantages and disadvantages of a real time bird’s eye view setup.
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Citation note:
Mansuy M., Candries M., Eloot K.: Nautical Access Study Based On Real Time Bird’s Eye View Simulations. TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, Vol. 15, No. 1, doi:10.12716/1001.15.01.04, pp. 53-61, 2021
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