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Prof. Tomasz Neumann

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TransNav, Faculty of Navigation
Gdynia Maritime University
3, John Paul II Avenue
81-345 Gdynia, POLAND
Fuel Continuous Mixer - an Approach Solution to Use Straight Vegetable Oil for Marine Diesel Engines
1 Vietnam Maritime University, Haiphong, Vietnam
ABSTRACT: The vegetable oil is well known as green fuel for diesel engines due to its low sunphur content and renewable stock. However, there are some problems raising when vegetable oil is used as fuel for diesel engines such as highly effected by cold weather, lower general efficiency, separation in layer if mixed with diesel oil and so on. To overcome that disadvantiges, the authors propose a new idea that to use a continuous fuel mixer to blend vegetable oil with diesel oil to make so called a mixed fuel supplying to diesel engines inline. In order to ensure a quality of the mixed fuel created by continuous mixer, a homogeneous testing was introduced with believable results. Then, the continuous mixer has been installed into fuel supply system of diesel engine 6LU32 at a lab of Vietnam Maritime University in terms of checking a real operation of the fuel continuous mixer with diesel engine.
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Citation note:
Van Uy D., The Nam T.: Fuel Continuous Mixer - an Approach Solution to Use Straight Vegetable Oil for Marine Diesel Engines. TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation, Vol. 12, No. 1, doi:10.12716/1001.12.01.17, pp. 151-157, 2018

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