@article{Elentably_2014, author = {Elentably, Akram}, title = {The Positive Implications for the Application of the International Ship & Port Facility Security and its Reflects on Saudi's Ports}, journal = {TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation}, volume = {8}, number = {2}, pages = {255-266}, year = {2014}, url = {./Article_The_Positive_Implications_for_the_Elentably,30,505.html}, abstract = {The research paper summed up on the requirements of the application code security and safety of ships and ports (ISPS) and the technical aspects necessary for the application by the Saudi marine Ports. The requirements of the international code of safety and security of ships and ports such as: - Additional tasks to be undertaken by port management - Activities and tasks that will port authorities - The impact of the elements of the maritime transport - Application and amendments to the deck - Government requirements - Special requirements for the management of ships - Application optimized for the requirements of the code ,Also interested in the research paper the mechanism of how to put these requirements into effect and the positive impact associated with the application. And also the requirements of the bridge on the ship ,beside clarification of the interconnections between the parties to the transfer process, such as administration of the commercial maritime fleet operations, control to the owners and how the administrative process for the crew to apply the appropriate code on the deck of ships and mutual relations with the insurance and chartering operations as well as the role of the port facility, to arrived How can the ports of Saudi Arabia to benefit from the positive application of code requirements and to enable these requirements with the parties to the process of maritime transport.}, doi = {10.12716/1001.08.02.11}, issn = {2083-6473}, publisher = {Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Navigation}, keywords = {Maritime Policy, Marine Transportation, ISPS Code, Saudi Marine Ports, Marine Industry Development, Maritime Administration, Safety Assurance Measures, International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code)} }