@article{Wyszkowski_Mindykowski_Wawruch_2010, author = {Wyszkowski, Jacek and Mindykowski, Janusz and Wawruch, Ryszard}, title = {Novelties in the Development of the Qualification Standards for Electro-Technical Officers under STCW Convention Requirements}, journal = {TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation}, volume = {4}, number = {1}, pages = {109-118}, year = {2010}, url = {./Article_Novelties_in_the_Development_of_Wyszkowski,13,211.html}, abstract = {Paper presents prepared by Bulgaria, France, Islamic Republic of Iran, IFSMA, ITF, Malaysia, Poland, Ukraine and the United Kingdom proposal of amendments [1] to the STCW Convention and its Code part A and B [2] establishing international qualification standard for electro-technical officers. It is proposed that the certificates of competency for electro-technical officer and senior electro-technical officers shall be placed in Chapter III ?Engine Department? of the STCW Convention, under new Regulations III/6, III/7 and new sections A-III/6, A-III/7 and B-III/6, B-III/7 of the STCW Code. This amended concept it is a logical continuation and further development of the paper [3] which concerned the same issue and was presented at the MarCon 2008 proceedings.}, issn = {2083-6473}, publisher = {Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Navigation}, keywords = {Electro-Technical Officers, STCW Implementation, Qualification Standards, STCW-95, IMO Regulations} }