@article{Papachristos_Nikitakos_2011, author = {Papachristos, Dimitris and Nikitakos, Nikitas}, title = {Evaluation of Educational Software for Marine Training with the Aid of Neuroscience Methods and Tools}, journal = {TransNav, the International Journal on Marine Navigation and Safety of Sea Transportation}, volume = {5}, number = {4}, pages = {541-545}, year = {2011}, url = {./Article_Evaluation_of_Educational_Software_Papachristos,20,326.html}, abstract = {The evaluation with the use of neuroscience methods and tools of a student?s satisfaction ? happiness from using the e-learning system (e-learning platforms, e-games, simulators) poses an important re-search subject matter. In the present project it is presented a research on course conducted in the Faculty of Merchants Officers, Marine Academy of Aspropyrgos. In particular, this research with the use of a neurosci-ence tool-gaze trucker, investigates the amount of satisfaction of the students using a simulator by monitoring the users? eye movement in combination with the use of qualitative and quantitative methods.}, issn = {2083-6473}, publisher = {Gdynia Maritime University, Faculty of Navigation}, keywords = {Neuroscience Methods, Maritime Education and Training (MET), Educational Software, e-Learning Platforms, e-Learning System, e-Games, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Matlab} }